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Ricarda Hoop | JARDIN | 06.01.

Ricarda Hoop | JARDIN | 06.01. - 12.02.2023 | pencil on wood, felt carpet stencils

Ricarda Hoop

06.01. - 12.02.2023
#9 related to transition
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Ricarda Hoop devotes her artistic interest to the medium of drawing. In this way, complex graphic interweavings and structures are created that overlap and underlie each other and penetrate each other. The formal language of modernity flashes again and again in her work, which she knows how to both activate and consistently thwart.
For her exhibition JARDIN, the artist has the exhibition space and location of the project super bien! analyzed and will overlay it with the floor plan of one of the oldest botanical gardens in Italy: Botanico di Padova, thus bringing it into a connection with another culturally charged location, the location of the exhibition space in Berlin. In Hoop's exhibition, two very different places will meet and intertwine to become another, wider place. (Mathias Kern)

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