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Jason Gringler | 2007 | 28.05.

Jason Gringler | 2007 | 28.05. - 12.07.2020 | steel, expanded steel, recycled acrylic glass, spray enamel, adhesives (photo#2 Jason Gringler)

Jason Gringler

08.05. - 24.06.2020
#4 related to construction

I spent ten years living in New York from 2007-2017. The formative portion of that time was spent in an industrial wasteland comprised mostly of semi-functioning warehouses. That neighborhood supplied the language I use
 in my work to this day. Steel, glass, concrete, mesh, decay, industry and a general dystopian aesthetic sensibility tattooed my consciousness. I worked tirelessly while my interest in construction-type materials increased. I do not inject my work with politics, but materials tend to have a life of their own. Barred windows, locked gates, and boarded-up doorways suggest protection, prison and isolation. Warehouse windows became points of light and acces- sibility. My exhibition at super bien! culls from the visual language I acquired during my time living and working in Brooklyn. The piece was produced specifically to be exhibited in the super bien! glass house allowing light, as well as geography, to become embedded within the work, and as result, bridging the two cities as well as connecting my experiences living in both. (Jason Gringler)

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