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Birgit Schlieps | House of Car

Birgit Schlieps | House of Cards | 16.06. - 07.08.2021 | fabrics, print (photography of a villa shell in the style of Palladio), Poster (Aktau advertisement), campfire sculpture, mini lectures and book launch

Birgit Schlieps
House of Cards

19.06. - 07.08.2021
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Art practice and research: A presentation of a visual investigation into the genesis of Aktau, southwestern Kazakhstan, from its inception in the 1960s as an ideal socialist city, to urban development in its current, post-socialist form. Various visual impressions of the town in the Steppe allowed the artist not only to examine the material and the structural composition of the city, but also to interrogate the images themselves and challenge her own perceptions during the creative process.
The book Aktau, Bildphänomene einer Plattenbaustadt in der kasachischen Steppe is published by the Materialverlag HFBK Hamburg and can be purchased on site. Thanks to Joke Lanz /trailersound), Anna-Lena Wenzel, Emma Louise Pagel /support for text, voice and movement. (Birgit Schlieps)

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