B_LA_M x super bien! Berlin
Extroverted space

Opening: 30.06.2024 7pm
30.06. - 21.07.2024

B_LA_M in Berlin:
54 artist initiatives in 18 projects, each showing a projectspace from Berlin, Los Angeles, Mexico City.
Kick-off in Berlin: 27.06. - 14.07.2024

Extroverted space
Participating spaces & artists:
Dorado 806, Los Angeles (Meghan Deroma, Amelie Laurice)
Studio Croma, Mexico City (Croma collective - Santiago Gómez & friends)
super bien! Berlin (Justina Los)

The exhibition in the transparent greenhouse reflects the view inwards through works that “look” outwards and expand into the outside space. The space, normally a protective container for art, is used in a contradictory way by turning the glass walls into a membrane that connects inside and outside. Without a programmatic theme, 3 very different installations come together in the working process on site in an overall structure which marks the beginning of an encounter and mutual perception in friendship and presents the richness and diversity of artistic practice with our partner spaces. 

After the kick-off in Berlin, an extended exchange will be shown 2025/2026 in the partner spaces in Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Dorado 806, Los Angeles (Meghan Deroma, Amelie Laurice)
Rock bottom: A playful twist on words mixes with a touch of cheeky humor, blurring lines between serious art and playful wit. "Rock-bottom stage" invites reflection, from personal to societal levels, aiming to unite viewers in solidarity. Ultimately, it uplifts, aiming to liberate viewers from life's burdens.    dorado806

Studio Croma, Mexico City (Croma collective - Santiago Gómez & friends)
Croma collective realizes a site-specific installation that engages in dialogue with the translucent architecture of super bien!: a hybrid structure made of rough, plastic, and transparent materials. Within the greenhouse, it functions as an organ, while outside, it serves as a much more rigid, rhizomatic structure.    studiocroma  

super bien! Berlin (Justina Los)
The work complex Deathinitely is a homage to a social and economic system that has long since ceased to function globally, in which the future belongs only to those who can afford it, while the unprivileged eat frozen pizza through the domination mechanisms of dependencies and burnouts.    superbienberlin